About Us

Raiza Swimwear– The modern feminine beach style…..Her muse is a woman who loves to travel and likes feminine pieces that easily coordinate to maximize her outfits while on exotic vacation destinations.

The collection, referred to as the “New Caribbean” brings a Colombian inspired flare. Colombian swimwear is world renowned for its quality and craftsmanship.

Colombian-American Fashion Designer Raiza Montealegre was born in New Jersey to Colombian parents. She has been strongly influenced by her Latin background as well as her metropolitan experiences in Miami, New York, Italy, Barcelona, Colombia and now Atlanta. She has chosen Metropolis of Atlanta to launch her collection; Raiza Swimwear.

Setting us apart from typical swimwear collections— We provide full island travel wardrobe key pieces that simplify most women’s travel concerns. These key pieces include our Antiga shorts, top and pants; Midnight in Miami dress, Azzurro Mediterranean dress, our Venetian white pants, Monaco top and pants, Dolce vita cover-up, embellished swimwear, reversible swimwear, etc.

Every Garment pieces tell us a story…… Read more about it in our inspiration descriptions.

Raiza Montealegre obtained a fashion degree from Miami International University of Art and Design. With extensive travel experience, she has collaborated with her mother’s unique design techniques as well as the input from her jetset sister, which serves as the company’s muse. Together, they have perfected the fashion forwards woman’s Island travel wardrobe.

Raiza Swimwear is dedicated to easy coordinated feminine timeless pieces so that every woman can be an Island Goddess.

The women behind the brand:

The style icon

With decades of beautiful created garments, Lily Alexandra Montealegre, has established herself as the matriarch of this fashionable family. She lives by one rule: “fit is extremely important, the garment should enhance the woman’s body effortlessly allowing her to feel confident and comfortable. The garments should maintain a timeless appeal so that they may be enjoyed for years to come.” This came in an era of timeless elegance where women would match their shoes, to their hats, belt, gloves and bags. Her devotion to fashion started while she was attending catholic boarding school where she learned embroidering techniques and stitching from nuns. These techniques are no longer taught. It is a couture craft lost to modern times. Years later she furthered these skills by creating one of kind apparel for family, close friends, and social elites in Colombia.

The Muse

From the moment Karen opened her eyes to this world, with her perfectly blond and coiffed hair, the doctors and nurses all exclaimed; “she is living doll”. Ever since known as “Muñeca (Spanish for doll).” She believes that being beautiful and enjoying the finer things in life isn’t just a birth right, but a commitment that every Island Goddess should make. With a true passion for traveling, and dressing well for all occasions, she is constantly in search for beautiful garments and swimwear that will live up to her standards. She inspires us to create pieces that can keep up with her social group’s lifestyle; never being shy to point out her demands and expectations. This assures we deliver the highest quality possible. Her motto is: “so many places to see and so many experiences to live….dress well for it!”

The Designer

Raiza MontealegreJust who is our designer Raiza Montealegre? What inspires this unique, luxurious and complete Island travel wardrobe?

The answer is easy. Peak into the mind of our creative designer and let her walk you through the ideas, colors, sounds, sites and experiences that lead to the creation of this Luxurious Swimwear and Resortwear collection. She will fill you in on the intrinsic details and guide you through her creative process that lead to the making of every decision: from garment color, color combinations, silhouette, texture, and feel. She offers this fascinating journey through her creative mind so that her jetset collection followers embrace the process from inspiration to creation.

There is swimwear, and there is:
“ Raiza Swimwear—unique inspirational thoughts that bring you, our Island Goddess, in the forefront of every fascinating detail.”

Her experiences and travel allow her to design garments from nature’s raw colors and textures along with enticing scenery and beautiful beaches from all over the world. Her appreciation for art and nature allows fashion design to be the perfect medium to collaborate her vision as interpreted through fabric.